Bona - Timber Coatings

Prime White

Bona White is a water-based primer for untreated wooden floors designed to give an enhanced whitewashed appearance on lighter timber species. The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications.

Applied in a single layer it typically gives a light whitewashed appearance and on some timber species can preserve an impression of raw, untreated wood. For a more solid white feel two, or more, applications may be made. The highly forgiving formulation is designed for easy roller application.

Bona Prime Classic

Prime Classic is a unique sealer especially developed to minimise 'edge-bonding'.

This term describes the gluing effect of all polyurethane finishes.

Finish flows between floor board joints and prevents the boards from shrinking naturally due to changes in climatic conditions.

This results in uneven gaps between boards and in some cases splitting within the boards themselves.

Prime Classic is suitable for sealing most timber species with the exception of timbers containing high levels of tannin, where Prime Intense should be used, and is compatible with all Bona waterborne top coats.

Bona Prime Intense

Prime Intense is a 100% polyurethane sealer designed to reduce 'tannin bleed' in timber species such as Blackbutt.

Tannin bleed describes a phenomenon where a blotchy, green look is seen after applying waterborne coatings on timber species containing high amounts of tannin; this effect is most noticeable with Blackbutt.

Intense gives a greater depth and colour compared to other waterborne primers and is suitable for use on most timber species.

Intense is compatible with all Bona top coats.

Bona Mega

Mega is the worlds biggest selling one-component waterborne floor finish. Since its launched in 1997, Mega has been used to finish more than 150 million m-squared of flooring in over 50 countries.

Mega is a non-toxic 100% polyurethane finish that does not contain harmful isocyanates.

Available in a choice of 4 gloss levels - extra matt, matt, satin or gloss.

Mega is recommended for high traffic domestic situations including kitchens and family rooms.

Bona Traffic

Traffic gives you the chance to create a totally new look on timber floors. Traffic is a 100% polyurethene finish which comes in a special Matt look known as 'invisible protection' (IP), because you hardly notice the finish has been applied.

With Traffic IP you see the timber, not the finish. If you would like a slightly higher sheen Traffic Satin will give you a soft satin sheen whilst maintaining the original colour of your floor. With almost twice the wear resistance of ordinary waterborne finishes Traffic is recommended for high traffic domestic and commercial situations.

Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is a waterborne 2 component top coat designed for use in public areas subject to very high levels of traffic. Traffic HD offers fantastic scratch, scuff and chemical resistance combined with a significantly higher wear resistance compared to the already high standards of Bona Traffic. Add to this a 40% lowering of the solvent content and early development of all of the performance factors which means that after 24 hours Traffic HD is already able to be put back into full use. Traffic HD should be used together with Bona Prime Intense or Classic.

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip

Using new advanced polymer technology, Bona Traffic HD was developed to give
uncompromising resistance to scratches, scuff marks and chemicals whilst being
sustainable with regard to the environment.

  • High durability and extreme scratch resistance.
  • Extremely quick hardness development. Possible to take the floor into full use already the following day.
  • Very low odour.
  • Low solvent content (VOC), <5%.
  • DIBt approved for low indoor emissions
  • P4 (low risk of slipping) according to AS 4586:2013
Bona CrossLinker

Bona Crosslinker is a special additive that works as an adhesion optimiser when re-coating previously finished floors. Crosslinker may be used with Mega only. It is recommended that a test be carried out to check inter-coat adhesion prior to application over the entire floor.

Bona Retarder

Bona Retarder is an additive that improves the levelling properties and open time of all Bona waterborne sealers and top coats. It may also be used with Bona Sportive Paint. Retarder should be used when indoor humidity is low and/or the temperature of the room is higher than normal to reduce the risk of the finish drying too quickly.

Bona Mix and Fill

Mix & Fill is a non-toxic waterborne timber floor filler that guarantees a good colour match every time. Mix & Fill is combined with fine sanding dust from the floor and is perfect for filling parquetry floors or gaps between floor boards of up to 2mm. Mix & Fill dries in as little as 20 minutes and excess filler is easy to remove.

Bona Naturale

The next generation of timber floor protection features the look and feel of pure wood.
Imagine a system which allows you to feel the texture of the timber whilst barely changing the look of the surface.
Engineered without a traditional matting system Bona Naturale has a sheen level of only 6%.
Walking on to a Naturale floor you can't see the protective coating only what appears to be a raw unfinished timber floor and yet Naturale has a resistance to wear designed for commercial environments.
Not only can you see the natural appearance of the wood but the surface feels like wood under your feet.