Feast Watson

Feast Watson - Timber Coatings


Feast Watson Maxithane is an aromatic, single pack, moisture-cured polyurethane.

It can be applied on timber, parquetry, cork and concrete floors, providing excellent scuff and chemical resistance.

It is xylene free thus representing a lower health risk to the applicator and householders.


Feast Watson Quickstep is a high solids, quick drying, aromatic moisture cured polyurethane sealer for timber, parquetry, cork and concrete floors.

It performs exceptionally well on oily timbers as the high film build combined with its quick drying reduces the risk of rejection.

Furthermore, being a moisture cured product, it provides excellent colour development and sandability.

Prooftint Reducer Base

Feast Watson Prooftint Reducer Base is a stain medium to help extend the coverage and slow the drying of Prooftint.

It will help to avoid lap marks when staining large areas. Prooftint and Prooftint Reducer Base can be mixed in any ratio.

Prooftint Stains Colour Chart


A unique fast drying spirit based stain which allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining.

A versatile stain, Prooftint can be mixed to create your own custom shade or to achieve an exact colour match for your timber.

If a soft milky appearance is desired Prooftint can be added to Feast Watson Liming Solution to produce a range of pastel shades.

Available in the following colours

  • Black
  • Cedar
  • Golden Teak
  • Jarrah
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Teak Brown
  • Walnut
  • ELM
  • Old Baltic
  • Black Japan
  • Brown Japan
Thru Cure Catalyst

Feast Watson Thru Cure Catalyst 1L
Feast Watson Thru Cure Catalyst is used to adjust the cure rate of compatible* moisture cured top coats at low temperatures, or where there is a requirement to achieve quicker cure under normal conditions.

Add from 5-10 ml of Feast Watson Thru Cure Catalyst per litre of compatible single pack moisture curing polyurethanes. It can also be used for compatible two pack systems at 50% of the recommended addition for the single pack. DO NOT exceed the maximum addition of 10 ml of Feast Watson Thru Cure Catalyst per litre of single pack product. For two pack products DO NOT add more than 5 ml per litre.

Feast Watson Thru Cure Catalyst is compatible with: - Feast Watson Maxithane - Feast Watson PolyU - Feast Watson Quickstep - Toby Unithane - Toby Supreme Gloss

Wet Edge Extender

Feast Watson Wet Edge Extender slows evaporation of compatible moisture-cured polyurethanes during application, thus extending the wet edge time in
difficult drying conditions. It also slows the thickening of the coating on application equipment in warm temperatures.

DO NOT exceed the maximum addition of 50ml per litre.
Once Feast Watson Wet Edge Extender is added in one coat it must be added in subsequent coats to avoid rejection.

Flo Add

Feast Watson Flo-Add 1L
Anti-rejection additive for Polyurethane floor coatings.