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Ultraset SF

Bostik Ultraset SF is a one part flexible polyurethane timber flooring adhesive formulated to adhere most types of timber, parquetry and strip or sheet timber flooring systems to levelled concrete or timber substrates, including over existing floors.

Bostik Timber Set

A latex timber to timber flooring adhesive

Bostik Handi Clean

Waterless cleaning towels. Effectively removes adhesives, sealants, tar, wax, grease, oil and other hard to remove substances from tools and equipment.

Ultraset HP

One part solvent and isocyanate free MS polymer based elastomeric adhesive formulated to adhere most types of wood, parque, solid strip, engineered, bamboo and sheet timber flooring systems to flat concrete and timber subfloors, or over existing floors.

Ultraset SF Sauage

Bostik Ultraset SF is a one part solvent free polyurethane electrometric adhesive formulated to adhere most types of wood, parquet, strip and sheet timber flooring systems to leveled concrete and timber substrates, or over existing floors.

Selleys / Fortis

Direct Stick - Timber Flooring Adhesive

High performance single pack moisture curing polyurethane adhesive with rapid cure designed to bond most types of wood, concrete and timber substractes.


  • Alcohol-based adhesive WFR-930 Solva-Mastic grabs faster, holds better and longer, and will eliminate hollow spots and popping sounds.
  • Urethane-based PUM-950 Power-Mastic is a new urethane formula that will not etch the floor's finish (like others do), spreads and cleans easily wet or dry, covers up to 85 SF/gal., and has the strongest bond in the industry.

Fortis AD 512 Standard

Excellent bond strength and rapid cure for bonding concrete blocks, pavers, hebel and wood.

3M / Roberts

3M 90 High Strength Spray Adhesive

For bonding decorative laminates to tables, cabinets and shelving. High bond strength, quick dry time and high temperature resistance.

M Super 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive

High coverage, fast tack with foam tearing strength. Ideal for mounting of all upholstery, foams, carpet materials.

High Coverage, Instant Bonding and Soft Glue Line

Roberts 6355 Crosslinking PVA

Roberts 6355 is a high solids, one part crosslinking PVA which meets the D3/BS EN204 specifications.

Designed to bond a wide range of timbers, MDF, particle board and ply.