Rustins - Timber Coatings

Friction Polish

Rustin's High Build Friction Polish is ideal for finishing most small turning projects.

Easily produces a long lasting high shine which lasts even when handled. Great for items such as pens, candlesticks, egg cups, finials & decorative work, etc.

One coat application and polish with a soft cotton cloth is usually sufficient to produce a fantastic shine.

Works well on all timbers, and particularly enhances the natural colour of darker and more figured timbers.

Available in 500ml.

Danish Oil

Rustin's DANISH OIL is a special formulation based on "Chinese Wood Oil" also known as "Tung Oil" This natural oil is extracted from nuts, similar in size to a brazil nut which grow on certain species of trees found mainly in China and some areas of South America.

This natural oil is processed and blended with other vegetable oils then some synthetic resins to improve the hardness.

The special formulation developed by Rustin's Ltd ensures Rustin's DANISH OIL is different to other oils

Ultra Fine 0000 Steel Wool

One of the finest grade 0000 Steel Wools available in Australia.

Ideal for cutting back finishes to produce ultra smooth surfaces.

Obtaining matt or satin finishes, removing wax polish, even cleaning brass and polishing metal.

Use to cut back Rustins Plastic Coating prior to burnishing.

Premium Wax Polish Clear

Rustin's Premium Wax Polish is made from the finest ingredients to give your furniture a beautiful, classic sheen to show off the natural beauty of the wood It is suitable for indoor use on all types of wood and ideal for decorative woodturning.

The Premium Wax Polish is virtually odour-free, quick and easy to apply by hand and, once buffed to the desired sheen level, produces a depth of finish that protects and revives any original patina.

Available in a large size 400ml tin.

Chopping Board Oil

Rustins Chopping Board Oil is a blend of natural plant oils to nourish and protect chopping boards and worktops. It penetrates the wood with no surface film to chip. It has a clear finish to enhance the natural beauty of wood. This new food safe Oil contains anti-microbial additives with a slow release formula which provide protection against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli and MRSA. 250ml

Strypit - One stripper for all finishes

For surfaces which are beyond repair and require a full restoration, there's only one stripper strong and safe enough to remove old paint, varnish, cellulose, polyurethane, emulsion, french polish, lacquer & textured finishes.

Worktop Oil

Rustin's Worktop Oil is a unique water-borne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients which nourishes and protects all types of timber. It is a quick-drying wooden work surface treatment, leaving a durable and water-resistant seal which is not vulnerable to scratching or chipping. Solvent free and suitable for the kitchen or in any other food-related environment. Plant oils used in its formulation originate from sustainable sources. One litre will cover around 13 square metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.