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Can You Use Wood Flooring In Your Bathroom?

Wood Flooring In Your Bathroom? There is nowhere in a house that tile has made a permanent home than in the bathroom. What’s more, it’s the easier option that is also incredibly waterproofed. On the other hand, the intrinsic qualities of timber don’t just change because it is used for flooring. Wood expands and contracts under different weather conditions, and also releases and absorbs moisture. There is a belief that…

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Quick Facts about Section J Compliance

Introduction Most people do not know of the various Australian Building codes. But in order to build an energy-efficient house, you must be familiar with the building codes. One of these is section J Compliance.  What is Section J Compliance? Section J compliance is an area of building codes that specifically deals with the energy efficiency of class 2-9 structures. The purpose of the assessment is to establish whether or…

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